We held nothing back in creating the most epic class that will help you become a better saxophone player, musician, and dynamic performer on stage.

⏲ 8+ Hours of Lessons

Let us share our saxophone techniques, musical philosophies, performance tips, and stories from being on the road as professional musicians. We'll help you level up as an entertainer and wow people at your next rehearsal or show.

🎚 ️For All Levels

This class covers fundamentals through advanced techniques. We wanted to create something that would help you get started if you are a beginner and give our unique insights to advanced players.

🎷 Video Jam Tracks

Practice doesn't have to be boring anymore! We recorded an exclusive set of video backing tracks and exercises for you to add to your practice routine. Come and jam out with us!

🌐 Community

Saxophone learning is a life-long journey, and any journey is better with friends, so we created a virtual community where you'll be able to learn alongside your peers and get feedback directly from us!


Learn, Be Inspired, Have Fun

We take learning to a whole new level with our unique combination of performance, acting, storytelling and surprises that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Saxophone Techniques
Beginner to advanced techniques and how to practice them to become a better player
Songwriting & Improvisation
Our inspiration behind songs, phrasing, and improvisation techniques
Stage Performance
From dance moves to stage fashion, we show you how to become a more dynamic performer
Career Tips
We share our knowledge of busking, gigging and navigating the music industry


We created a free-to-explore curriculum made up of several sections you can dive into.

We encourage you to jump around to topics you are interested in and revisit videos as you gain mastery! We went beyond just Saxophone and Performance to bring you bonus topics covering songwriting, improvisation, and career development.

β…  Introduction

In this section you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started on the sax and make your first sounds. We will show you how to properly set up your sax while using proper posture, breathing, optimal embouchure, and more! By the end of this section, you will be able to put together the instrument's different pieces while demonstrating good posture and breathing.

 Intro to Saxophone
This video will introduce the class, discuss some saxophone history, and teach you about the different types of saxophones and our favorite players.

We'll walk you through how to set up your sax, starting with your mouthpiece, reed, and ligature and teach you how to play with the optimal embouchure, which will allow you to create a good tone.

Grace & Leo’s Setup
This video will take a deep dive into the different gear we use and how we think and make our decisions for picking out our sax equipment.

We'll share tips and tricks about how to find the right reed, properly care for it, and how to un-warp a reed!

Saxophone Care
We'll show you how to properly care for your sax with instructions for cleaning it, tips for storing it, and what to do when your horn is not working.

β…‘ Saxophone Techniques

This section will teach you the foundational technical skills you need to know to get started on the sax through our most advanced extended techniques. You'll learn how to prepare and get the most out of your practice session, develop a good consistent tone with long tones and overtones, and play with clean and fast tonguing. You will learn how to lock into a groove with different tempos and play through all your scales with our video play-along tracks.

In our extended techniques videos, we take you through step-by-step instruction to play techniques such as Altissimo, bending, growling, power chords, flutter tonguing, Leo P's gliss, and more. We take a deeper dive into chordal substitutions and tricks such as false fingerings and chromatic tremolo that you can use to add in more pizazz when soloing.

Developing Your Sound As An Artist
We'll talk about our saxophone influences, finding inspiration in non-sax players, and tips for crafting your sound.

Practice Mindset
In this video, we're going to help you establish a healthy mindset around practicing so you can practice effectively and have fun while you're doing it.

Long Tones
Long tones are the #1 way you can get a better sound and strengthen your embouchure control. We will take you through our long tone warm-up exercises.

Overtones & Altissimo
We'll teach you how to set yourself up for success when it comes to playing overtones. We'll be going over the overtone series, chromatic overtones, power chords, and altissimo exercises.

Tonguing & Articulation
We'll teach you how to practice clean and fast tonguing & Articulation using the breath attack and exercises to strengthen your tongue muscles! We will also teach you the technique needed to play flutter tonguing.

Basic Exercises
You'll learn how to lock in while playing different tempos and grooves and how to integrate different intervals and jumps into your major & minor scales.

Pentatonic & Blues Scales
We will show you the major & minor pentatonic and blues scales and how to use different rhythms to take your improv from simple to complex.

Practice Techniques
We show you the practice tools we use, best practices for properly tracking your progress, and will take you through a sample practice routine that you can start using every day!

Advanced Exercises
You'll learn about how to integrate chord substitutions into your improv, learn to play basslines that outline harmony, how to utilize jumps, and we'll show you some show-stopping technical tricks, including trills & chromatic tremolo.

Extended Techniques: Bending, Growling, Vibrato, Duck Honk, Subtone  
We'll teach you how to create each sound and our tips for using these techniques in your improv.

Leo P Gliss
Leo P will peel back the curtain and teach you how to play his epic gliss, as well as discuss the inspiration behind creating it!

β…’ Songwriting & Improvisation

This section will take you through our real-time process for writing a brand new song as we discuss song form, chord progressions, and topline melodies. Grace will teach her ear training methodology so you can connect the musical ideas you hear in your head directly to your fingers. Our beginner improvisers will learn to integrate storytelling and conversational skills to make their solos more exciting and fun!

In the later part of the section, we'll teach you how to add more complex rhythms and melodic voice-leading techniques, rap rhythms, and melodic lyricism into your solos. We've included a few video backing tracks in this section so you can put all of these improvisation techniques into play and jam with us! By the end of this section, you will have fresh ideas for approaching your improv and writing.

You'll learn how to identify a few standard song form structures, including the blues form, rhythm changes, AABA, and verse/pre-chorus/chorus.

We'll deconstruct our original songs "Warriors" and "Feels Like Home" for you so you can better understand our writing process.

Grace and Leo Write A Song
We wrote a brand new song in 20 min and documented our exact process for you. We take you through finding inspiration, writing a bassline, topline, improv, harmony & adding simple choreography!

Ear Training With Grace
Grace will teach you how to identify different intervals and chord progressions and how to take the musical ideas in your head and translate it to your fingers by hearing, singing, and playing.

Beginner Improvisation
You'll learn how to develop a healthy, happy, and creative mindset around improv to help overcome any fears you may have. We'll teach you tips you can use right away to start improvising!

You'll learn how to approach improv in different music genres and techniques for adding rap rhythms and melodic playing into your Improvisation.

Advanced Improvisation
You'll learn a new perspective for approaching Improvisation. We'll take you through voice-leading techniques, how to add more complex rhythm and ideas for improvising using shapes.

Solo House Sax with Leo P
Leo P breaks down his famous solo house sax style. He'll take you through his inspiration for creating this style, teach you the form, arrangement, groove, build, drop, and how to put it all together.

β…£ Stage Performance

This section will teach you how to become a polished stage performer and connect with your audience. We will discuss techniques for overcoming stage fright, how to prepare for the show with the right mindset, what to wear, how to interact with your audience, adding in choreography and body language, and how to build your show! You'll learn about the many elements of a setlist and key things you can integrate to create a more engaging performance experience, like incorporating special moments and dynamic shifts. By the end of the section, you will better understand how you can authentically connect to an audience and the best way to go about creating or polishing your set.

Becoming a Dynamic Performer
We'll discuss what defines excellent stage presence, how to control the room's energy, and how to add in facial expressions to add more pizzaz into your performance.

Overcoming Stage Fright
In this video, you'll learn tips & techniques for calming your nerves before hitting the stage.

Preparing For a Show
We will show you our pre-performance routines and talk about how we center ourselves and hype up before a show so we can perform our very best.

Developing a Stage Character
We will discuss key things you should think about when creating your own stage character and how to create a caricature version of yourself.

Stage Fashion
You'll learn key things for putting together a stage look that you feel confident in, as well as tricks for dealing with wardrobe malfunctions on stage.

Putting Together a Stage Outfit
We'll dive deeper into putting together your outfit by discussing materials, accessories, and layering techniques that you will want to look out for when shopping!

Building Your Show
We'll take you through all the elements of building your setlist and key things, such as designing dynamic shifts and building in special moments within your show.

Audience Interaction
We'll show you our techniques for interacting and engaging with your audience using verbal communications and body language.

Body Language
We'll show you how you can add even more flair to your performance by adding body language and connecting with your emotions while playing.

Choreography and Stage Movement
We'll teach you some necessary foundational steps we often use, including the two-step, diagonal heel tap, and cross turn around. Leo P will break down his kick move and signature footwork for you.

β…€ Career (BONUS SECTION)

This section will discuss our experience in the music industry and the key takeaways that we feel will help you as you develop your career. Get ready for story-time as we break down some of our past experiences from working with producers and writers in the studio, collaborating with other artists and management, and stories from the road.

We will discuss what it means to be a professional bandleader or sideman, how to get started with busking, and the importance of developing a fan base. We'll discuss how to get started with touring, tips for communicating and interacting with venue managers and stagehands, how to approach collaborating with others, best practices for writing and recording with producers and writers in the studio, capturing inspiration, and finding the balance between the demands of road life and self-care.

We will discuss how you can proactively create a reputation that will have people calling you back for gigs and our experiences for drawing professional boundaries when communicating as a bandleader to your band and team.

We chat about creating your own musical scene, getting over your fear of rejection, and paying your dues.

Leo P talks about his early experience with busking, the benefits and risks, and how you can get the most out of busking sessions.

Venue Etiquette
We'll share our tips for communicating with stagehands while touring and communicating your needs in a friendly tone.

We will discuss the recording process and what gear you need to get started. We'll talk about best practices for working with producers and the importance of figuring out writer and producer percentage splits and agreements ahead of time.

We'll talk about how we have developed our fan bases and our recommendations for approaching grassroots touring, support tours, and when to take promotion gigs versus paid gigs.

We'll chat about how collaborations have led to opportunities in our careers and tips for learning to communicate with others in a collaborative setting.

We'll discuss how we take care of our physical and mental health, exploring topics such as diet, sleep, exercise, therapy, and mindfulness.

We'll talk about how we cultivate and capture inspiration in any given moment, as well as how we've used our emotional states to write our most personal songs.


This isn't an online class like you've ever seen before. We've combined the best of technology, performance, visual art and community to create a truly unique environment to support you on your saxophone journey.


πŸ“” Learning Community

Engage with Leo, Grace, and your peers in a friendly community app designed to help you stay motivated, and get feedback on your progress. Ask questions, ask for feedback. We are all in this together!


πŸ“Ί Video Backing Tracks

We created 9 video backing tracks and transcriptions so you can jam with us as you practice your scales, tempos, improvisation, chord tones, and grooves. This section contains an exclusive "Solo House Sax" track with Leo P.


πŸ“š Supplementary Materials

Each unit and lesson comes with lots of extras (transcriptions, bonus exercises, playlists, challenges, and links to other resources) to help you practice and master the material.



(Currently In Beta)

Saxy School is a new type of learning community for saxophone and music education hosted by Grace and Leo. This community was born out of the feedback to our 2SAXY Workshop series. It includes a members-only community site where you can meet your peers, access community learning materials, and engage with Grace, Leo, and other community members. It will also include members-only workshop live streams, office hours, giveaways, challenges, transcriptions, and more!

A trial subscription to SAXY SCHOOL is included with your purchase.


πŸ”₯ BONUS πŸ”₯ Leo P's Solo House Sax Course
$100 VALUE

You'll get access to Leo's BRAND NEW and UNRELEASED course that covers the fundamentals of his signature brasshouse/solo house sax style, covering scales, rhythms, basslines, passing tones, counterpoint and sound effects. This includes 6 video lessons and 8 additional practice tracks that will take your playing to a new level.

Are You Ready?

The digital edition contains the complete set of lessons and videos, but we also designed a few extra packages for those that want to get some merch goodies and 1-on-1 attention from the masters themselves!


Digital Masterclass

$ 349
or $87 every 2 weeks for 8 weeks

55% off
$768 if purchased separately

πŸ“Ί Access to Video Lessons
($500 value)

πŸ‘Ÿ Video Practice Tracks
($70 value)

🏫 2 months FREE of Saxy School
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πŸ”₯ Leo's Solo House Sax Course
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The Merch Bundle

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πŸ‘• Exclusive Merch Bundle
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πŸ‘― 30-min 1-on-1 video Meet & Greet with Grace & Leo
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Mentorship Package

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πŸ‘• Exclusive Merch Bundle
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πŸ‘― 3x 30min mentorship calls with Grace and Leo in the first 6 months
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πŸ“Ή Video Feedback for first 3 months
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πŸ”₯ Leo's Solo House Sax Course
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πŸŽ–οΈ 100% Saxyfaction Guarantee! πŸŽ–οΈ

If you're not happy with the course within the first 30 days of getting access, we'll make it right with a full refund on the digital version of the class and any unclaimed meeting time with Grace and Leo.


We designed this Masterclass for those who want to approach the saxophone in a versatile way and learn both traditional and contemporary methods of playing and performing.

This course covers the basics of saxophone and teaches advanced techniques that you can't learn anywhere else. We discuss and explain signature sounds and provide examples and exercises to help students understand these difficult concepts. We also dive into stage performance and music career topics to help you become a more captivating entertainer and a more well-rounded music professional.

This course isn't your typical online class. We believe learning should be an enjoyable and immersive experience, much like seeing a fantastic show. The more you enjoy, the more you'll remember and learn. We merged the best entertainment and storytelling elements to bring you world-class content that feels like watching a movie. We even brought in a live band to record brand new music sprinkled in throughout this Masterclass!

We held nothing back in this Masterclass and have broken down our techniques and philosophy for you. Our hope is you can move forward in your music journey with more focus and confidence. We're cheering for you every step of the way. Keep it saxy!




β€œThis masterclass helped me take my performance to another level! It's been a big source of inspiration and motivation. Grace and Leo's energy and passion for the saxophone really comes through in these videos!”


β€œI’m here because I realize how important it is to develop all the rarely discussed areas of a successful musician. Leo and Grace are masters not only in musicianship, but also in their style, dance, visuals, fashion, and storytelling. Having found all of this in here just makes me a happy saxophonist once again.”


β€œOne thing this course really helped me with is structuring effective practice sessions. My favorite part is having Grace and Leo as mentors. They do a great job teaching and are just amazing at what they do!”



What is this Masterclass?
This Masterclass is made up of 43 video lessons and 9 video practice tracks designed to help you learn the saxophone in a versatile way covering both a traditional and a new way of playing and performing. We cover saxophone basics through advanced extended techniques and signature sounds that you can't learn anywhere else. We also dive into stage performance and music career topics to help you become a more captivating entertainer and a more well-rounded music professional.

How long is the Masterclass?
The entire Masterclass is 8+ hours of content divided into 43 videos about a variety of topics. As we improve on this Masterclass, we will be adding additional content in the future that you will receive as a complimentary update!

How long is each video lesson?
Our shorter video lessons range from 5min mark while the longer ones range around 20min. There are subchapters with many of the videos so that you can skip around easily.

What topics are covered in this Masterclass?
The main sections are saxophone techniques, Improvisation and songwriting, stage performance, and career advice. Check our home page for the full curriculum descriptions for all the topics we'll be covering.

Does it matter which saxophone I play?
This Masterclass is for all saxophones. Our demonstrations are on alto and bari sax, but you will be able to play everything on any saxophone.

I Play a Different Instrument Can I Take This Masterclass?
Definitely! Many of the improvisational techniques we teach can translate to any instrument.

How Long Will it Take to Get Access?
You'll get access to the masterclass as soon as you make a purchase. Your confirmation email will contain instructions on how to create an account on our platform.

How is this masterclass different from other Sax courses?
This course isn't your typical online class. We believe learning should be an enjoyable and immersive experience, much like seeing a fantastic show. The more you enjoy, the more you'll remember and learn. Our vision was to merge entertainment and storytelling elements to bring you world-class content that feels like watching a movie. Our teaching style includes telling you about our philosophy and experiences from being international recording and award-winning performers, so you can simultaneously learn about that as you learn the sax!

Why should I take this masterclass?
This course is the only place we offer our combined teaching exercises and break down techniques for you. This Masterclass is a one-stop hub and is organized from the basics to advanced techniques so you can continuously use it and refer back to it anytime throughout your sax journey!

Who is this masterclass for?
This Masterclass is for all skill levels, whether you've just decided to start sax or if you are an experienced sax player and performer who wants to expand your skills, gain a new perspective, and speed up your growth!

How much musical knowledge and experience do I need to take this class?
This Masterclass is designed for all skill levels. If you are brand new to sax, you can start with the intro to sax and our foundational section, where you'll learn how to set up your sax and make your first sounds. If you have limited knowledge, this Masterclass will give you many exercises that will allow you to solidify your foundation and move towards more advanced techniques. If you are an advanced player, you will appreciate the wide range of specialty techniques, tips, and available advice. Our stage performance and career sections are also designed for all skill levels!

What tools and equipment do I need for this Masterclass?
We recommend you have access to your saxophone as you go through this Masterclass. However, you could also watch these videos away from your instrument and still gain knowledge, insight, and inspiration!

Will I get direct feedback from Grace & Leo?
If you have signed up for our "Merch bundle" or "Mentorship Package" option, you will receive instructions to sign up for a certain amount of one on one calls with Grace & Leo (details on length and amount of calls listed on the homepage.) However, all purchases include a free limited time offer to SAXY SCHOOL, our members-only Sax Community. At Saxy School, you'll find exclusive tip and tutorial videos, weekly challenges where you get to submit your videos for us to review, and a chance to get featured, participate in office hours and Q&A sessions. You will get access to our growing library of PDFs, backing tracks, and playlists. This community is the closest you get to studying directly with the two of us and the opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded peers that you grow alongside.

Is there homework with this Masterclass?
We include suggested exercises to practice the skills you are learning but there are no required assignments.

How long will I have access to this masterclass?
You will have lifetime access to this Masterclass. You can complete it at your own pace.

What type of device / browser do I need?
You can view classes on any internet-enabled device, on any modern browser.

How does the included SAXY SCHOOL membership work?
Saxy School is a member-only private community focused on helping you step up your sax skills. This community is the place where you'll be able to interact with Grace & Leo and get direct feedback. At Saxy School, you'll find exclusive tip and tutorial videos, weekly challenges where you get to submit your videos for us to review, and a chance to get featured, participate in office hours and Q&A sessions. You will get access to our growing library of PDFs, backing tracks, and playlists. This community is the closest you get to studying directly with the two of us and the opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded peers that you grow alongside.

Is this Masterclass just for saxophonists?
This Masterclass is designed for saxophonists, but you can translate some of our techniques to other woodwind instruments. The methods and exercises we lead you through during our improvisation segments, as well as stage performance and career tips, are ones that would be helpful to any instrumentalist (non-saxophonist) or singer.

Can I buy individual videos instead of the full package?
Right now, we are only offering this Masterclass as one bundle as we feel this is the best value.

I’m interested in the mentorship package - how do the calls work?
You will have up to 12 months to schedule your feedback calls with Grace & Leo (we will provide a booking link.) Mentorship calls are tailored to each student's needs and include getting feedback on your playing, going over specific techniques, and getting advice.

What's included in the merch bundle?
The merch bundles are hand packaged by Grace and Leo and consist of an exclusive illustrated 100+ page transcription book, created and signed by us, as well as a t-shirt, and a hat. You'll be asked about your shirt size and instrument key after purchase. We have been throwing in other goodies and collectables as well, but you'll have to place an order to find out what they are!

I’m interested in the Merch Bundle option - when will it be delivered to me?
We will be preparing and shipping merch bundles in batches, once per month. If you'd like to know about exact timing and availability, reach out to us via on-site chat or social media.

Do you have a refund policy?
Suppose you are not happy with your purchase within 30 days of getting access. In that case, you can get a full refund for the digital version of the Masterclass, minus any of the physical extras (meeting time with Grace and Leo, merch bundle, etc., on a pro-rated basis). We also ask that you provide us with some feedback on why the Masterclass wasn't a good fit for you.


So, what are you waiting for?